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What are Orthopedic Implants?

Orthopedic Implants are Manufactured medical Devices to stabilizing and Fixing Broken Bones together. Commonly Orthopedic implants can be temporary or they can be Permanent. The most Common used implants are Locking Plates, Bone Screws, Variable Angle Locking Plates, Bone Plates, Interlocking Nails, Wires & Pins, and Hip Prosthesis, etc. Orthopedic  Implants are manufactured in Titanium alloy and Stainless-Steel material, which is not affected by body fluids. 

Orthopedic Implants Manufacturers In India

Quality surgical Pvt.Ltd is India’s most reputed manufacturer & supplier of Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments, and Hospital Supplies. Our top selling products are Orthopedic Implants and Hospital Furniture. Started as a small enterprise in the early 2006’s the company got incorporated in 2010 and has since continued to expand its horizons to new markets around the world, providing quality products and the best of services.  The present average annual growth rate in export sales is impressive.

Plant & Machinery

As a quality-oriented orthopedic implants company in India, we manufacture a trauma range of orthopedic implants using State of the Art modern technology machines viz. Sliding Head Turning Centre, Multiple Axis VMC, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC deep Hole Drilling, Mechanized Sharpening & Surface Finishing Machines, etc.


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