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Quality surgical Pvt .Ltd is India’s most reputed manufacturer & suppliers of Medical Equipment, Surgical Instruments and Hospital Supplies. Our top selling products are Orthopedic Implants and Hospital Furniture. Started as a small enterprise in early 2006’s the company got incorporated in 2010 and has since continued to expand its horizons to new markets around the world, providing quality products and the best of services.  The present average annual growth rate in export sales is impressive.



Founder Desk

Dear Colleague It’s my firm conviction albeit with deep sense of humanity that I am destined for making significant contribution to the field of medical science resulting in delivery of quality health care services to all section of society in developing countries like ours. Our commitment of service to humanity will always prevail. Our endeavor to develop low cost solutions to spread quality treatment to masses will continue with greater determination. I feel very satisfied with what I have achieved so far and will continue my quest to work more for the neglected & down trodden patients in our society.


Director's Message

Cheaper Price doesn’t always mean poor quality. In fact, it shines the light on many average financial practices in the healthcare industry. Quality Surgical has a smart model that offers the same competitive quality available from your other vendors at prices that will open your eyes. We share the same facilities and use the same medical grade materials as they do, quality surgical answers to the same FDA approved processes, quality systems, and ASTM and ISO standards. In short, we do not compromise. Orthopaedic and spinal implants still comes with unjustified price tags. Sure, Innovation has a price and a premium. We support that idea because it delivers better products, but it is important to drive the human race forward as well. People should no longer pay so high price for every implant. Quality Surgical embraces both the delivery of high-quality products with life-changing costs, so everybody feels better. We believe in creating better value for the implants you already know and use on an everyday basis. The push for better pricing and relationships doesn’t end with our products. After all, as humans, we all seek a human touch. Let’s foster relationships for the new change – never happened ever.We wish to serve you with our best products & services.

Puneet Pachauri      Prasoon Pachauri                                   


Leading the industry in orthopaedic innovation, Quality Surgical Pvt. Ltd. is based in  M.G. Road GHAZIABAD U.P., India, and has delighted various clients with its quality Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments.  Our talented and proficient employees share company common commitment to deliver quality products and services to clients, which not only surpass their expectations but also positively impact their lives through innovation. Continued investments in technology and product development enable us to provide implants with enhanced performance and longevity at industry leading prices. Furthermore, with client and quality centric approach, we deliver excellence to our clients.

Plant & Machinery

As a quality-oriented orthopaedic implants company in India, we manufacture trauma range of orthopaedic implants using State of the Art modern technology machines viz. Sliding Head Turning Centre, Multiple Axis VMC, CNC Wire Cutting, CNC deep Hole Drilling, Mechanized Sharpening & Surface Finishing Machines etc.


We are aimed at becoming one of the largest companies in this domain to serve innumerable number of doctors, healthcare professionals with highest quality products and services. An uncompromising attitude towards quality is clockwork regularity with us.We have always made sure that whatever reaches the customer should be oftop quality. To ensure this we follow a series of national and international
standards for the Medical Device

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